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Save the Date Ideas

There's no shortage of inspiration when it comes to save the date ideas. When you decide on your theme—tropical, boho, floral or something else—it is significantly easier to know how you want your save the date to look. The beauty of this part of your stationery suite is that you can get as creative as possible, and it does not necessarily need to match the rest of your invitations and signage. But if you want this cohesion, Bliss & Bone's coordinating wedding website and invitation templates are perfect complements to these save the date ideas.

save the date ideas
Nova Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Nova Save the Date
Gianna Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Gianna Save the Date
Fiona Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Fiona Save the Date
Julianna Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Julianna Save the Date
Lenora Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Lenora Save the Date
Elias Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Elias Save the Date
Arden Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Arden Save the Date
Stella Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Stella Save the Date
Stone Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Stone Save the Date
Tara Photo Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Tara Photo Save the Date
Tara Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Tara Save the Date
Tess Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Tess Save the Date
Vince Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Vince Save the Date
Willow Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Willow Save the Date
Smith Save the Date
Save the Date Ideas
Smith Save the Date

Save the Date Ideas for Your Super Special Celebration

This past year saw the most weddings since the 80s, and the industry certainly is not slowing down. Many of us have near-countless celebrations coming up, which means that you need to act fast on your Save the Date ideas. For engaged couples, it is much more important than ever to get the word out about your big day, and there are just so many ways to do it. To give you the most unique wedding Save the Date ideas, we’ve compiled this guide about everything you need to know.

A little intimidated about starting this Save the Date unique ideas brainstorm? We have good news in the form of images for Save the Date ideas. Bliss & Bone’s custom designs allow you to come up with DIY Save the Date ideas in minutes. Our templates offer some of the most incredible, not to mention chic, options for your digital or print Save the Date ideas. Read on to learn more about Save the Date email wording, design and style options and more that  you and your partner will really love. Plus, our number one piece of advice is to review images of Save the Date wedding invitations that we offer to make your initial and final decisions.

What is a Save the Date?

First things first: What is a Save the Date, exactly? As the name suggests, Save the Dates give your loved ones information about the date and location of your event. By the time you send these, you’ll want to have key pieces of information: the number of guests (including who exactly you’re inviting), the venue and of course, the date. That way, guests can mark their calendars, set flight alerts and map out their year overall. The more time you give your guests, the more time they’ll have to make these plans and be able to attend your once-in-a-lifetime event. Because of this, most Save the Date ideas should be confirmed and sent—either by mail or email—about four to six months before the wedding. For those planning a destination wedding, you’ll want to inform guests about your event even earlier.

You’ll also want to include a link to your wedding website, which you can also design with Bliss & Bone. Our cohesive wedding website templates will work perfectly with your Save the Date idea to create a coordinating stationery suite. By including this link in your Save the Date email sample, your guests can easily learn more about your upcoming event. Plus, you can update guests with necessary information as your special day gets closer, allowing you to possibly save money (and paper!) as opposed to housing all of the information in your wedding invites.

One of the first major decisions you make is whether you are interested in a sample Save the Date email or one of the many printed styles. There are pros for both offerings, so we’ve provided some information about the differences between a Save the Date email sample or a more traditional option. We love both, so it is really all about doing what works best for you and your DIY Save the Date ideas.

How Will Digital Save the Dates Compare to Print Save the Dates?

Another thing many might ask is whether your Save the Date idea should be digital or print. While print Save the Date ideas are more traditional, digital versions are becoming more and more popular. The efficiency of designing your online stationery and then simply clicking send via email makes Save the Date email examples a top choice, but you really cannot go wrong with either. And fortunately, Bliss & Bone has created both types of wedding Save the Date ideas with the most gorgeous designs imaginable. 

You can easily find the Save the Date email sample or physical Save the Date that aligns with what you want. Our website is full of wedding Save the Date images to give you a more clear vision of what it will look like. These Save the Date images are the print and digital options we’ve carefully designed and hope will fit any couple’s ideal vibe.

The major differences here involve the delivery system and even Save the Date email wording. For example, you only need guests’ email address to send an email Save the Date, but you’ll also be required to come up with an email subject line and more specifics. For a print version, Save the Date card ideas will require guests’ mailing addresses, stamps and a return envelope if you are expecting RSVPs. Throughout this guide you’ll be able to see creative Save the Date ideas for either format.

Considerations for Sending an Email Save the Date

Once you’ve designed your Save the Date email example, it is now time to build out your recipient list. We have a helpful how-to on our site, but it is just as intuitive as any other contact list you’ve seen online. To help you navigate this, we have two ways to upload your contacts: You can pull them by syncing your existing contacts or manually add them into the list. It is so easy to find by simply clicking the “+” button and adding in the information. 

If you decide to sync your contacts, make sure you go back and add in the accurate guests. For example, your friend John Smith might be under your contacts by name only. But if he has a partner or children you’d like to invite, you’ll want to edit the name to include all invited guests. 

Once your email Save the Date has been sent off, you’ll want to track who is attending your wedding. Again, RSVPs are totally optional at the Save the Date stage, but it can be helpful for those trying to get a better idea of their guest list ASAP. If you go for this option, your guests can view your Save the Date image and then get directed to an RSVP element or your wedding website. 

On your end, you and your partner can look at the tracking feature on the Bliss & Bone website. It will show you who is attending, who is not attending and has not yet replied. You will also be able to review the number of people invited versus attending. For example, if you invited seven people from one family but only five can attend, it will show that in the tracking. And if you have a last-minute guest you want to add, you can do that easily here as well.

Considerations for Sending a Save the Date Card

After talking through both options with your partner, you might be curious about the print process and Save the Date card ideas. Once you’ve designed your Save the Dates online, remember that every purchase includes two free rounds of design. For every round, you’ll receive a Save the Date email sample in PDF form that we encourage you to review. For all other rounds, there will be a $35 fee, and keep in mind that we do not offer physical printed proofs. 

Plus, you have the opportunity to purchase a sample pack to better understand the product and what you can expect from your Save the Date. In this pack, we will include several items (up to five total) that will hopefully answer any questions you have.

Whether you go for print or digital options, explore all of the wedding Save the Date images at Bliss & Bone before making your final decision. You can keep all of these considerations and other factors in mind for your own Save the Date image, but the number one recommendation is that you and your partner really love it.

Is it OK to Send a Save the Date via Email?

Yes! In fact, even long-standing wedding expert have come around to the idea. Particularly because of the benefits to the environment, plus the financial investment, are two of the main pros to deciding on a virtual Save the Date. In addition to these, you can keep everything organized on your computer or mobile phone and give guests even more efficiency when it comes to getting to your website. Rather than relying on your guests to input the correct wedding website provided in a print Save the Date, a Save the Date email sample will show you how easy it is to present a hyperlink that clearly directs them to the correct page.

How Much Do Save the Dates Cost?

Your budget is an incredibly important factor in the Save the Date design process. After you’ve found a Save the Date image that works for your creation, you’ll want to know the price. On average, Bliss & Bone’s online Save the Dates are $0.90 per recipient, making them a relatively more affordable cost-effective part of your wedding budget. By contrast, physical Save the Dates start at $360 for 50. You’ll also need to factor in the price of stamps.

We advise all engaged couples to discuss their budget with each other and any other individuals who are helping them pay for the wedding. Once you’ve made that decision, you can decide whether you need print or digital DIY Save the Date ideas. And once you’ve found the Save the Date image everyone loves, both aesthetically and financially, it’ll be time to start personalizing it.

Who Should Receive a Save the Date?

Long story short: Everyone! Save the Date ideas should be confirmed before you deliver an email or print version to the people you plan to invite. This is why it is extremely important to really think through your guest list and ensure that you have the most current, up-to-date version of your list. Even if you’ve talked to people about your special day, your Save the Date should still go to everyone. That even includes key people in your wedding party and immediate family members. As much as they are involved, it is still crucial that they receive a formal Save the Date and later, a wedding invitation. 

Save the Date Wording Ideas

Your Save the Date wording ideas are a key part of your invitation suite. For a basic list of what to include, we recommend including your wedding date, the venue or city where your event will take place, a link to your wedding website and a note about the invitation to follow. And of course, do not forget your names! Adding Save the Date images will certainly help guests know who the important invitation is coming from, but do not forget to at least put your first names on this one. Here are some more Save the Date wording ideas to keep in mind:

  • Timing: More often than not, couples are opting to write “Save the Weekend” as opposed to “Save the Date.” This particular Save the Date idea is important for those who have a full weekend or several days of events that they want their guests to attend. If your plans align with this Save the Date idea, make sure to include “Save the Weekend” or “Save the Days” and include the exact dates your guests should plan to be there. Your Save the Date email wording, like any print version, should list this helpful info, as it will help those planning out their trip.
  • Plus ones: Do you plan on giving your guests a plus one, or are you limiting those to married or engaged couples? Or is an entire family with children invited too? As we’ve mentioned above, it is so important to know exactly who you’re inviting, and it all starts with who is being addressed in the Save the Date. For example, a print version or Save the Date email sample should say, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” if you want to invite the couple only, “Mr. Smith and Guest” if you want your friend to have a plus one of their choosing, or “Mr. Smith” if only your friend is invited. If an entire family is invited, you can include something like, “The Smith Family” or add individual children’s names, if applicable. Get as specific and clear as possible, so you will not have to worry about people reaching out and asking questions. This should be considered for Save the Date email wording too; make sure that all guests invited are listed in the email, even if you only send it to one of the party’s emails.
  • Registry and/or wedding website: Hopefully, you’ll connect your wedding website to your registry. This way, you only need to include your website link, and then guests will have immediate access to your registry. Typically, it is considered a faux-pas to mention specific registry information on your Save the Date idea (save that for the formal invite!).
  • RSVP information: While it is not super common to ask your guests to RSVP to your Save the Date, it is a very good idea for those who have a too-close-to-call headcount. If you’re right on the cusp of what your venue can accommodate (aka if you’ve invited too many people), you can include messaging like, “We hope that you can attend our celebration, but please let us know if you’re unable to make it.” With an RSVP, you can allow them to check “yes” or “no” if it is a digital or a print version and then you can get a better idea of how many guests can attend. If you decide to ask for an RSVP in a printed Save the Date, just make sure you have that printed and a stamped return envelope to streamline the process for your guests.
  • Save the Date email subject lines: If you’re going for an email Save the Date idea, you need to think about every part of the sending process. For example, Save the Date email subject lines should hopefully capture the attention of your invited guests. The best Save the Date email subject lines should include, of course, “Save the Date!” but you can also get creative here. Including some sort of action phrase like “Mark your calendar” or even a cute question like, “See you in New York this fall?”
  • Alternatives to Save the Date: Not quite sure you want to use the classic wording for this? No sweat! There are plenty of other popular phrases that will get the message across. We discussed this above, but some options include, “mark your calendars,” “save the weekend,” “save the dates,” or you do not even need to say anything at all. If you have a Save the Date image with your names and the date written in a big, bold font, that is really all your guests need to see to understand what is going on.

From Save the Date email wording to what exactly to include in print form, there are so many things to consider while thinking up your Save the Date ideas. Keeping in mind these necessary, even if seemingly small, factors as you design your own Save the Dates.

Save the Date Wording Examples

It’s so much easier to visualize Save the Date ideas for wording. In this section, we will show you a few ideas to get your wheels turning. From classic ideas to more creative setups, here are a few of our favorite Save the Date ideas when it comes to wording your stationery. 

Save the Date Idea #1: 

We Are Getting Married

Save Our Date

Aaron and Melissa

November 25, 2023

Palm Beach, Florida

Bold, simple and straightforward, this is one of those Save the Date ideas that gets the job done. It speaks to a couple who knows what they want and are ready to party with their guests.

Save the Date Idea #2:


October 17, 2023

New York, New York

Formal Invitation to Follow

A monogram is one of the most popular Save the Date ideas—and wedding ideas, in general. It often incorporates your and your partner’s first initials, but you can also get a little more creative with the design. It is also common to include a phrase like “formal invitation to follow,” to let your guests know that this is just the beginning.

Save the Date Idea #3:

Adrian & Bridgette are madly in love.

They are getting married.

Save the Date

November 20, 2023

Delray Beach, FL

You are madly in love, of course, so tell your guests exactly how you feel. This wording idea is perfect for the couple who love expressing their excitement and aren’t afraid to broadcast their eagerness to get married. 

Your Save the Date ideas for wording can reflect your personality and style, so talk through your thoughts and options with your partner. Aside from the pertinent information, you can get guests excited to celebrate you and your love with the right wording and design elements. 

Save the Date Photo Ideas to Inspire Your Designs

Among the many Save the Date ideas out there, one of the most popular options is to include a Save the Date image. Save the Date images are typically pulled from your engagement shoot, which we highly recommend. Many professional photographers include an engagement shoot in their wedding photography package, and it also allows you and your partner to get comfortable with the camera (and the person holding the camera). Within days, it is quite common for your photographer to send over a preview and later, you’ll likely get hundreds of photos (and with that, plenty of Save the Date photo ideas) from the session. Couples often love choosing their favorite and incorporating it into their Save the Date idea. 

Your Save the Date image should obviously include a clear shot of both you and your partner. There are so many different options and settings for your Save the Date image, so keep this in mind during your photoshoot. And if you have not found your photographer or do not opt for a professional engagement session, you can easily take your own photo on your phone or using a professional camera. The most important part of your Save the Date image is capturing a photo you and your partner are both happy with. At Bliss & Bone, we provide a variety of formats that can accommodate Save the Date images, allowing you to get as creative as possible. 

From a bordered style with your Save the Date image at the center to a photo that covers the entire design with text overlay, Bliss & Bone makes it easier than ever to find DIY Save the Date ideas. Save the Date background images may include an up-close photo of you and your partner, or you could select a faraway shot or a concept image that aligns with your overall vision. Here are some other Save the Date picture ideas we love:

  • Save the Date image of the couple: The most clear and beautiful option is to feature a photo of you and your partner. Whether it is from a professional photoshoot or taken on your iPhone, it is super easy to choose one of the top DIY Save the Date ideas with a couple photo. Even better, you get to DIY with designer input, as our curated designs make it super simple to customize your very own.
  • Save the Date image of the couple’s pet: Not really into the spotlight? Here’s one of the many Save the Date ideas many couples love: Using an image of your pup, cat or other furry friend. This can serve as a sweet nod to your relationship, without using a photo of you and your partner.
  • Save the Date image of the venue: Not into a Save the Date idea that includes a photo of yourself? Adding a photo of your venue will quite literally set the scene for your big day. Popular Save the Date background images might include a focal point from your venue or the surrounding areas, like a barn, chandelier, rolling hills or any other venue-defining characteristic.  
  • Save the Date image of the city: Beyond the venue, you can explore another Save the Date idea that highlights the city where you are saying “I do.” You could feature an iconic building that represents the city, like the Space Needle in Seattle or Empire State Building in New York City. Or you could think of another piece that signals the city where you and your guests will celebrate your love.
  • Save the Date image of foliage: Sometimes, conceptual images really get your message across and cohesively portray your overall aesthetic. Bliss & Bone’s Save the Date images feature palm fronds, flowers and more that can perfectly coordinate with your florals and foliage plans for the big day. There are even some Save the Date images that feature layouts with photos of fruit.
  • Save the Date image in black and white: No matter which type of image you decide on, you cannot go wrong with the classic black and white Save the Date idea. There is a sharpness to it, and it is ideal for couples who have not totally decided on a color palette. Remember that your Save the Date idea does not necessarily have to align with your overall design aesthetic. There is just something super romantic about black and white Save the Date picture ideas, and we’re here for any iteration.
  • Save the Date image of drawings: As you’re thinking through your Save the Date idea, do not limit images to photos. Bliss & Bone has a variety of illustrations and on-trend designs that contain imagery. These Save the Date images are can’t-miss opportunities to add something special to your invitation.
  • Save the Date image of prints and textures: When it comes to online Save the Date ideas, the background really matters. Save the Date background images might include a snake print-like pattern or even an on-trend concrete aggregate texture. These Save the Date images are super unique and another way to personalize your design.
  • Save the Date image with shadows: One of the most unique parts of Bliss & Bone’s lineup of Save the Date ideas is the opportunity to add dimensional objects and shadows. The shadows can even go over your Save the Date image, which can really bring your design to life. To fully bring it into a three-dimensional format, Save the Date images are available for print versions too.
  • Save the Date image of three-dimensional objects: As we mentioned above, shadows and other objects make up some of the most creative Save the Date ideas imaginable—and they’ll really set your online Save the Date idea apart. From plants to flowers to rocks, there are various Save the Date picture ideas that bring seemingly three-dimensional objects onto the page. This Save the Date idea is yet another way to liven up your guests’ screens.

These are just a few of the many Save the Date images you can add or find online. For even more inspiration, you can look at images of Save the Date wedding invitations on the Bliss & Bone website. Feel free to use filters to search for Save the Date image ideas and start designing your very own. Save the Date picture ideas can be found all over too, so browse through social media and other online platforms to seek out new and creative ways to add something extra to your stationery suite—online or in a printed version. Save the Date card ideas are just as expansive as online versions, so review our site and see which one speaks to you and your partner the most.

More Creative Save the Date Ideas

Along with the Save the Date photo ideas mentioned above, there are so many other designs available on Bliss & Bone’s website. If you do not have images for Save the Date designs or are not interested in featuring one, do not sweat it. There are so many chic and romantic designs to choose from outside of the Save the Date photo ideas category. Some Save the Date email examples and print versions alike have the standard must-have info—but with a twist. From the fonts to colors used, there are countless Save the Date ideas couples will love. Below, we’re narrowing down a few of our favorite and most creative Save the Date ideas.

  • Save the Date ideas with a custom monogram: You do not have to work with a custom invitation suite designer to craft your own monogram. At Bliss & Bone, you can create a monogram featuring your and your partner’s first initials with a few clicks. This particular Save the Date idea is an ultra-chic way to tie in your names, and it is a monogram you can use throughout your event to tie everything together.
  • Save the Date ideas with a unique font: It is pretty amazing how simply changing the font can completely transform your Save the Date ideas. There are so many font offerings that you can test out all of your favorites before determining which one fits the mood of your event. Make sure you love it, since you’ll likely want to match the rest of your invitation suite and event signage for consistency.
  • Save the Date ideas with minimalist design: Modern minimalism is not just a Save the Date idea; it is a wedding industry trend that is a perennial favorite. We love the idea of keeping things simple and only including the necessary info. This Save the Date idea is all about appreciating empty space to create a major impact on the overall design. 
  • Save the Date ideas with lots of color: Do you already have a dreamy color palette in mind? Whether you’re gravitating toward warm or cool tones, it is possible to match your palette to your Save the Date image, plus invites and wedding websites. There are so many colors and color combinations to choose from, so try them on for size and see if these Save the Date ideas align with your vision. Feel free to browse through colorful wedding Save the Date ideas by filtering based on the hues you love most.
  • Save the Date ideas with a transparent look: File this one under Save the Date unique ideas everyone loves. A transparent-looking Save the Date idea is modern and timeless. Yet another reason to love the flexibility and luxury of online Save the Date ideas, it is a top-notch choice among couples planning a modern affair. This type of Save the Date email sample is shown in black and white often and goes perfectly with a custom monogram or logo to boot. 
  • Save the Date ideas with shadow overlays: One Save the Date idea that works particularly well for digital stationery is a shadow overlay. At Bliss & Bone, there are so many different shadows you can cast over your Save the Dates, invitations and more. These are wide-ranging, so you can find options that work well with a tropical, boho or classic wedding (among others). Think about your theme—more on that topic later—and then explore your Save the Date ideas from there. 
  • Save the Date ideas with unique design: If you want the most original Save the Date idea imaginable, you can use Bliss & Bone’s “Start From Scratch” feature. By clicking on this platform, you’ll be taken to a blank slate that you can use to build your Save the Dates. This is highly recommended for creatives who want a totally unique Save the Date idea, but just make sure you have the time to start from this blank slate.
  • Save the Date alternatives: Of course, your Save the Date image does not have to be traditional at all. Some couples have gravitated toward special creations like a magnet for friends’ and family members’ fridges. A friendly reminder of your big day can adorn their appliances and serve as something they can look at every day and look forward to as your event approaches. Some couples also choose to design luggage tags or timelines for a slightly off-the-wall type of Save the Date image.

In any conversation about the most unique methods, we have to discuss DIY Save the Date ideas. There is practically no limit in this category, especially with help from Bliss & Bone’s designs. One of our key DIY Save the Date ideas is to go back to the basics. If you click on “Start From Scratch,” you will be taken to an editor where you can transform anything into the Save the Date image of your dreams. From there, you can name your project and start testing out, well, everything imaginable. Your Save the Date image can include a background image, colors of your choosing and so much more.

This is a particularly popular option if images of Save the Date wedding invitations are not quite what you are envisioning. Still, you can take a look at a Save the Date email sample that is almost perfect, and then alter it according to your own preferences. Remember that you’re in control here, and our examples of wedding Save the Date images should serve as the ideal inspiration leading up to your big day.

Save the Date Unique Ideas With In-Style Themes 

Tropical, boho, modern and more Save the Date ideas are welcome at Bliss & Bone. You can toggle the filter to display items that fit into each category, which will allow you to narrow down your search for Save the Date unique ideas quickly and easily. Below, see some of our favorite Save the Date ideas and learn more about how you can style your own.

  • Tropical Save the Date ideas: Tell your guests to set their clocks to island time! If you are hosting your wedding in a tropical location, one of the most authentic Save the Date ideas is to use a graphic that reflects your future surroundings. There are plenty of options with lots of greenery, flowers and more. Whether you’re heading out to the Maldives or cruising down south to Florida, this is a thoughtful and beautiful Save the Date idea so many couples love. Pops of green, blue and even yellow and orange are classic ways to bring in the tropical theme. All in all, you are telling your guests that it is time to have some fun in the sun, so your invitation suite should reflect that.
  • Boho Save the Date ideas: If you find yourself gravitating toward rustic, muted tones and romanticism—perhaps in the desert or another nature-focused locale—boho is the way to go. Free-flowing dresses, ornate rugs, candles and more are key signifiers of this constantly popular theme. One Save the Date email example boho-style couples might love has soft and subtle floral accents. To further expand on this theme, we highly suggest bringing in other features like pampas grass, trendy hats and more to tie it all together.
  • Modern Save the Date ideas: As we mentioned above, modern minimalism is all the rage. Simultaneously high impact and understated, this Save the Date idea is as versatile as it is contemporary. These creative Save the Date ideas typically feature text only with black and white, some color or no color at all. Modern minimalism, while on-trend, will forever be considered timeless in our opinion. It’s endlessly chic and all about a new-age design.
  • Floral Save the Date ideas: Who doesn’t love floral elements for your special wedding details? Chances are, your wedding will have flowers or some type of greenery, and your Save the Date idea can match this perfectly. Look through Bliss & Bone’s floral options and choose the one that best fits the plan you’ve laid out with your florist and/or floral designer. Whether or not you have made your exact decisions on florals, your color palette and general ideas can be translated in the form of your Save the Dates.
  • Botanical Save the Date ideas: Somewhat similar to floral Save the Dates, these ideas come with lots of nature-inspired pieces. Tree branches, leaves and even rocks are thoughtful touches included in this category. We are also partial to the floating butterflies that add a bit of whimsy to your Save the Dates. 
  • Vintage Save the Date ideas: Harkening back to yesteryear, a vintage Save the Date idea combines old-fashioned aesthetics with new age technology—especially if you find yourself loving our Save the Date email examples. Gatsby-inspired or accented with pops of antique gold, there are so many vintage Save the Date ideas available. And speaking of vintage, may we suggest an on-trend addition? You simply cannot miss out on a champagne tower to complement the vintage vibe.
  • Rustic Save the Date ideas: For a farm-to-table or even beach wedding, a more laid back rustic style is a perennial favorite among engaged couples. Similar to boho (and often combined for “rustic boho”), it is quite a romantic style that is best reflected in more natural surroundings and stylings. You’ll likely find woodsy elements, jagged-edged paper and more in this category of wedding Save the Date ideas. So, if this one speaks to you, we recommend seeking out other elements like free-flowing dresses, more casual suits, ornate rugs and more to contribute to this aesthetic.
  • Classic Save the Date ideas: As the saying goes, you cannot go wrong with a classic. This category is more vast than some others, and that is because there are quite a few ways to design something with a classic aesthetic in mind. Whether it is a clear elegance or more simple samples, these are sure to match almost any classic wedding vibe. The main thing couples should understand is that a “classic” style is by no means considered basic or boring. These ideas reflect constant favorites in the wedding industry and are sure to hit home with couples who want to host a timelessly wonderful event.
  • Handwritten Save the Date ideas: Before you start worrying about carpal tunnel, fear not: This Save the Date idea does not involve literally writing something by hand. In lieu of your own writing, these wedding Save the Date ideas involve using fonts that look like real handwriting. If you want a modern-yet-authentic vibe, these sample Save the Date email and print versions are ideal. 
  • Metallic Save the Date ideas: Metallics are always in fashion, and creative Save the Date ideas are bound to incorporate gold, silver, rose gold and more. These easily add style and interest to any Save the Date idea. And while it might be considered surprising, you can add metallic to a digital or print Save the Date. Trust us, it will shine, no matter which method you choose. Think through this particular feature, though, because you will want to make sure your other design elements (like candles, other signage and more) match it. For instance, you do not want your jewelry and other seemingly minor details to clash with other components, like your Save the Date or wedding invitation.
  • Mountain Save the Date ideas: If you are celebrating in the mountains, there are so many Save the Date ideas to consider. For one, you can find templates that reflect the time of year or your surroundings. These may incorporate natural elements like wood, sticks, pine cones and more. There are plenty of three-dimensional objects like the aforementioned ones listed, and you can easily match them to the mountain setting. 
  • Classic Save the Date ideas: As they say, you can’t go wrong with a classic. Sometimes, the most simple and classic Save the Date ideas are the most chic. This sense of minimalism can come from an understated card, printed or digitally designed, with a script font. While serif fonts are associated with more modern weddings, the classic aesthetic calls for a vintage-inspired script font. 
  • Colorful Save the Date ideas: You don’t have to shy away from color at your wedding. One of our favorite Save the Date ideas is to represent your and your partner’s personalities through the color story at your wedding. By assessing your potential color palettes and considering the flowers you plan to feature, you can get a better idea of the colors to add into every aspect—including your Save the Date idea. You can go bright and bold, or seek out darker, more muted colors. Either way, your color story can play a significant role in your event as a whole.
  • Seasonal Save the Date ideas: When you get married, you will plan out your Save the Date ideas well in advance. But as you weigh your options, you should also look forward and factor in the season. For instance, spring or summer comes with fresh blooms and brighter colors, while fall and winter are more moody and are often associated with darker colors. This can really set the tone and mood for your upcoming event and get guests excited to attend in the near future. 
  • Destination Save the Date ideas: If you are hosting a destination wedding, you need to think about your Save the Date idea earlier than usual. The rule of thumb is to inform guests of your celebration around the time that you officially book your venue. This will allow them to have enough time to prepare for your big day. You can follow all of the above rules for your theme, but just make sure to clarify how long guests should plan to be there. 

These are just a handful of the many sample Save the Date email and print styles you can expect to find at Bliss & Bone. Of course, many of these offerings can also be paired with dreamy Save the Date photo ideas too. You can explore our Save the Date email example templates, plus any print styles, and then make your ultimate selection. There are countless versions you can create, so these DIY Save the Date ideas are just a glimpse of what you can accomplish with Bliss & Bone’s assistance. Find your favorite Save the Date email sample and then imagine everything you can do to make it all your own.

How to Address Save the Dates for Each Guest

Your Save the Dates should properly address the various guests you are inviting to your celebration. Below, we will break down how you should write out each guest’s name on the envelope or email you send out to them. 

  • Addressing guests without a plus one: If you are inviting one person who will not have a plus one, you should simply write out their formal name and title. One example of this is “Mr. Michael Johnson.” 
  • Addressing guests with a plus one: When you invite a guest who will have the opportunity to bring a plus one, you have two options: Addressing the guest directly or not. For instance, you can write “Mr. Michael Johnson and Ms. Natalie Jones” or “Mr. Michael Johnson and Guest.” The latter is best for an individual who is not in a relationship, but will ultimately get to bring a plus one. 
  • Addressing guests who are married: For guests who are married, take note of whether or not they have changed their names. It’s more traditional for bride’s to take their husband’s last name, but it is less common these days. Make sure you appropriately address them based on their shared or separate last names. 
  • Addressing guests who are part of a family with young children: If you are inviting a family that includes children under the age of 18, you can address the family as a whole. With that, you can simply write, “The Johnson Family,” or more formally include the parents’ names, followed by the kids’ names. 
  • Addressing guests who are part of a family with older children: If you are inviting a family with children over the age of 18, those adults should receive separate invitations—even if they all live in the same home. 
  • Addressing guests who have professional titles: If you are inviting a judge, doctor or member of the military, you should properly address them with their full titles. For example, you should address a doctor, “Dr. Michael Johnson” and a judge, “The Honorable Michael Johnson.” Do your research to show your respect for these individuals.

Addressing your guests is crucial for showing respect to your guests and displaying how you follow proper etiquette rules. By thinking through these guidelines, you and your partner can appropriately and accurately prepare your Save the Dates and other stationery items sent out along the way.

Understanding Your Wedding Planning Timeline 

Your Save the Date ideas are only one part of the equation that is determining how you and your partner will accomplish every task leading up to your wedding. We have a few recommendations for the order in which you can check off each item on our list. This can help you and your partner stay organized and focus on the more fun aspects of the planning process, like figuring out your ultimate Save the Date idea. 

  1. Determine a reasonable budget. Your budget is the first step because it will inform every decision you make going forward. From your venue to vendors to how you decorate, you and your partner need to be on the same page about how much you plan to spend. Wedding costs are at an all-time high, so this step is now more important than ever. As a point of reference, couples spent an average of $29,195 in 2022. 
  2. Consider hiring a professional planner. If you have the budget for it, a professional wedding planner is a must. Even more, some venues require that you have a wedding planner on-hand before you book it. These experts have years of experience and plenty of connections, allowing them to serve as the ultimate helping hand throughout the process. For a pro that will play a more minor role, you can also bring on a wedding coordinator, who will help with more of the day-of timeline. 
  3. Find your dream venue and book it. First things first: You don’t want to book a venue site unseen. Your venue accounts for about 40 percent of your budget, so it’s important to make the trip out to see your favorite venues based on previous research. You can walk through the property, learn more about the amenities included and really get a feel for the space. Is this a place where you can see yourself getting married? Does it feel authentic to you and your partner? Can you afford it? If the answer to all of these questions is “yes,” book your date ASAP. The demand for wedding venues is at a record high, so you want to commit to the property as soon as you can.
  4. Hire the rest of your vendors. Once the biggest piece of the puzzle, your venue, is confirmed, you need to hire the rest of your vendors. Must-haves include a photographer, florist, caterer, stationer and music professionals. Other highly recommended vendors are hair and makeup professionals, a videographer, lighting experts and transportation options. These are also in high-demand, so contacting them well in advance can guarantee your wedding’s success. 
  5. Create a wedding website. Your wedding website is perhaps the first “stationery” item you need to design. Browse through a variety of templates and think about your invite and Save the Date ideas along the way. While it’s not a “must,” it’s highly recommended that couples seek out ideas that coordinate with every aspect of their wedding. 
  6. Start implementing your Save the Date ideas. Your Save the Date idea can be inspired by your wedding venue, website design and so much more. You want to make sure you have two things confirmed by this point: your date and the city where you are getting married. Before sending these out, you also need to collect home or email addresses for each of your guests.
  7. Complete the rest of your stationery set. As details develop for your wedding, you need to work on the other parts of your stationery suite. These include your wedding invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, wedding menus and much more. 

Your wedding planning timeline is a great primer to get you and your partner started. Planning a wedding can feel incredibly overwhelming, but having a handy checklist and timeline will keep you both organized and most importantly, relatively stress-free.

Connecting Your Save the Date Ideas to the Rest of Your Stationery

The beauty of Bliss & Bone Save the Dates is that they can easily and perfectly match with the rest of your stationery suite. Even if you go for an email Save the Date, there is virtually no limit to the cohesion that is possible for your wedding website, rehearsal dinner invites, wedding invitations, thank you notes and more. For example, your email Save the Date can match your physical wedding invitation, and you can bring in similar patterns and colors for your wedding website too.

Your entire wedding should be custom-made for you and your partner, so it is key for your stationery to reflect who you are as individuals and as a couple. Think through the designs you love most, and then see what is possible from there. For instance, if you craft your own monogram or logo on the Bliss & Bone website, you can make it consistent throughout your stationery (virtual or in print). That way, your guests can really identify your event just by looking at this custom signature. 

Speaking of monograms, this is another top addition to any Bliss & Bone creation. A designer will customize the logo or monogram of your choosing—which can feature either your and your partner’s first initials or your full names—and then send it back to you for approval. Logos typically include a couple’s full names and sometimes, a graphic, like a stem or flower or even your wedding date. Meanwhile, a monogram is generally the couple’s first initials—but some options include a design or full names. One revision is included in this offering, so you can work with your designer to craft the best possible monogram or logo for you. Even more, this monogram or logo is not for digital pieces only. Once you have decided on your designed imagery, you will be sent a single transparent .png file and a vector print-ready .eps in the exact color you requested. 

With these files in your inbox, the world is truly your oyster with this one. You can use these logo files to design coasters, napkins, signs and so much more. Check out places like Etsy to learn more about the custom wedding items you will need. And then, start envisioning how cool and cohesive it will be to have your wedding logo in so many parts of your wedding details. This is much more than a fun element for your Save the Date idea; it is truly an element that you and your partner can cherish for all wedding events and beyond your special day too.

How to Start Designing Your Own Save the Date

Whether you want traditional, timelessly elegant printed wedding Save the Dates or a digital Save the Date that is bold and modern, Bliss & Bone is your go-to hub for all things wedding stationery. Plus, our designers can create unique additions like monograms or logos to customize your event even further. We could talk about all of our Save the Date ideas for days on end, but now is your opportunity to take things into your own hands, with our help, of course! If you have narrowed down your dream theme (Tropical? Boho? That’s up to you!), it will be easier than ever to design your Save the Dates and other stationery, signage and more. 

If you have learned everything you want to know about Save the Date ideas, let us help you put this process in motion. At Bliss & Bone, we bring together high design and integrated services to help you manage all aspects of your printed or online wedding stationery needs. To learn more about the services we can provide engaged couples and how we can make your wedding stationery (and more!) as special and unique as possible, visit Bliss & Bone online or email us at We cannot wait to learn more about your big day and assist you in envisioning the best possible Save the Dates, wedding invites, wedding websites and more.